So the price went up at checkout?

Hi everyone. 

As you may know Turlock&Co is a brand based in Australia and we ship all over the world!  And a lot of you shop in USD and EUR  But then you get to the check out and the price jumps up!   Why?


Heres why!   Being an Australian we have to charge in Australian dollars it the law!   You might be in the USA. So let’s share an example,  at this point in time  1 US dollar buys 1.37 AUS. So we have an exchange rate difference    So you choose an item in US and as it to your cart and suddenly it appears more expensive at check out, and that’s because of the USD to AUD exchange rate 

When  you check out the payment amount is in Australian dollars  and it appears more expensive . But your credit card will do the exchange rate conversion for you and only charge you the USD amount you saw the item advertised for.

This is why as a brand we can do really good prices!l International customers! 

If your unsure email us!