Caring for your Turlock & Co.

  • Sizing for New Merced Swimshorts please click this link
  • SWIMWEAR - To look after your swimwear, always rinse with fresh water after each use—especially after use in chlorine and seawater.  Wash them by hand never a machine. if needed use a very mild soap, and rinse well,  then flat lay to dry them.  Turlock & Co use high quality sublimation to get the designs we carry, and you need to treat  them with care. Sitting on rough surfaces like hard concrete, rocks at the beach etc, can pull the material and leave ladders/gags in the fabric. Always sit on a towel when in these environments!
  • T SHIRTS - T-Shirts should be washed with like colours with cold water hang dry, or flat dry to make them keep shape longer.  Our designs are hand screened by us.. we have used quality inks but DO NOT Iron the print, as you may damage the finish of the design.
  • A-FRAME CAPS - Our A Frame Baseball Caps are a 'one size fits many' approximately 59cm. To care for them, just wash them by hand with a cloth (for stains) and sit them to dry in the shade.  Do not wash in a machine or tumble dry.


Sizing Chart & Facts - Swimwear 

  • S:  28-30 inches                                                
  • M:  31-33 inches                                         
  • L:   34-36 inches                                              
  • XL: 37-39 inches    

Our Swimwear is made from a mix of Polyester and Spandex. sometimes the colour may look less intense when you put it on, as the designs are printed to the white base material, when you get it wet it will intensify the colours!.  If your worried its a little see through in the back.. wipe the water off and it returns to opaque.  All our designs have front inner linings to stop transparencies, and our new Luxe Editions and Sky Blue Sungas  have  front and back linings. 


Sizing Chart & Facts - T Shirts

               Small     Medium     Large     XLarge

Width     47cm       52cm      56.5cm    61cm

Length   71cm       75cm      78.5cm    82cm


Our Length can change between the T-shirt and the Tank as our Tank has a straight bottom.  Our T-Shirts are pre-shrunk Mid Weight 180gsm, 100% Combed Cotton.  Regular fit.  We screen print our own designs in house, and we use responsibly resourced manufacturers that are safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions


Sizing for Merced Swimshorts

  • Sizing for New Merced Swimshorts please click this link